The Wayward

Coeurl Server Ward 7, Plot 38 Shirogane

Welcome to The Wayward: a full service inn and tavern that is open to adventurers and travelers alike. Co-owed by a pair of semi-retired brothers, it was designed to be a place of respite for those searching for it and a place where adventurers can revel in their stories or find their next adventure! The masters of spirits in the tavern and the chef of The Wayward are one of a kind and ensure that anyone that steps through its doors leaves feeling like family. Please find our Food and Drink Menus below.

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    Challenge Winners

    The Dawn Throne Challenge

    Attempt at your own risk! This challenge is not for the faint of heart as it requires much resolve and a rather empty stomach! This challenge consists of eating a WHOLE gallon of broth and noodles, veggies, meats, and add-ins within it!

    The rules are simple, eat it all and keep it down. You do that and your name gets added to the list of winners and you get a free bust sketch of your character!

    OOC rules: Three /random rolls with emotes. First one has to be above 400. Second roll has to be above 600. Third, it has to be above 800. Beat them all, you win!

    Kugane Tower Elixer

    Kugane Tower Elixer: (Warning: large levels of alcohol and heavily spiced) A home blend mixing in the heaviest drinks we have in our inventory (Including those not on this menu.) We mixed in our finest vodka, fire water, hell’s fire, a little bit of heaven lemon juice, infused dragon pepper, and elixir base to cast a light blue coloring. A drink so strong you’ll feel like you’re casting a teraflare. 95% alcohol content.

    The rules are simple, take a shot and keep it down. You do it and your name gets added to the list of winners and you get a free bust sketch of your character!

    OOC rules: Three /random rolls with emotes. First one has to be above 400. Second roll has to be above 600. Third, it has to be above 800. Beat them all, you win!

    drink menu

    Many of the drinks on our menu are imports from both Eorzea and the Far East.

    food menu

    From dumplings, to sushi, to ramen, to stew, it all can be found here with either Doman or Steppe roots.

    Aleport White Ale:
    Brew made with malted wheat to give off a “white” haze. Served with a La Noscea orange wedge. 6% alcohol content.

    Sylphic Honey Mead:
    Brewed by the Sylph’s in the shroud. this mead contain their special brand of honey, grapes, honey lemon, and wine. A drink made for those with a sweet tooth. 12% alcohol content.

    Gobbie Lager:
    A pale, lighter brew. It’s a very gentle, grainy flavor. Very mild on the tongue, make for easy-speaks of gobbie-flaps. 5% alcohol content.

    Pom Stout:
    Stout made of roasted barley, hops and a hint of nuttiness from a toasted Kupo nut. Dark, almost black in color and thick as Dravanian summer air. 7% alcohol content.

    Faerie Apple Ale:
    A hard cider made with the freshest faerie apples. It starts off with a bit of a kick but softens the blow with its sweet apple taste. 8% alcohol content.

    Red Moon:
    Your typical ale with a bit of a citrus touch. It also contains special pigment to change it’s color to match the color of the red moon of dalamud. 6% alcohol content.

    Sultana’s Grace:
    Champagne made in Ul’dah, brewed with a sweet taste said to capture all the love, care, and personality of the sultana. 12% alcohol content.

    Wineport Wine:
    Your classic wine imported from wineport. We serve both traditional red and white wine. The finest aged wine we have to offer is topped out at fifteen years; 13.5% alcohol content.

    White Wines are:
    Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay.

    Red Wines are:
    Zinfandel, Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Hell’s Fire:
    A heavily spicy rum made by the Amalj’aa. The heat of the rum is said to be as hot as Ifrit’s judgement. 35% alcohol content.

    Ishgardian Spiced Rum:
    A dark rum with a thick spice added to it that is faintly reminiscent
    of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. 47% alcohol content.

    Qiqirn Firewater:
    Firewater, moonshine, made by the Qiqirn. How it’s made is unknown, just know that it will knock you off your feet if not a well-seasoned drinker. 60% alcohol content.

    Blood Orange Vodka:
    Just as the name implies is a flavored vodka. Hand crafted by us by having the vodka infused with blood oranges over a few days to gain its color and of course flavoring. Alcohol content of 40%.

    Totoloc’s Revenge:
    A clear vodka with sweet cream, mineral, and faint tarragon aromas and a peppery finish. Alcohol content of 55%.

    Westward Whiskey:
    A single malt rye whiskey, aged in cider barrels for eight years. Hails from a brewery in Western Thanalan. Tastes heavily of apples and vanilla, fruity start with an easy finish. A whiskey that'll warm the cockles of your heart! 40% alcohol content.

    Dancing Mad:
    Brewed by Keepers of the Moon in Gridania, this blended whiskey has been distilled three times and aged for twenty years in high quality oak casks. Hits so hard it'll leave you a lunar lunatic! 75.5% alcohol content.

    Sagolii Tequila:
    A golden Tequila aged in oak casks imported from Wineport in order to impart a sophisticated elegance to a classic Thanalan drink. 53% alcohol content.

    Amal’jaa Tequila:
    Silver tequila produced by the Amaljii themselves, to keep the clear color of this tequila it never touches an oak barrel. It is sent straight from the distillery to the bottling company and then to us to serve to you. Good by itself or with our house Honey Lemon mixture for a sweet and tangy cocktail. 40% alcohol content.

    Authentic Steppe Kumis:
    Kheeriin Moriton presents our traditional exclusive straight from the steppe! Fermented milk gathered from Horses, Dzo, Sheep and Goats available; 60% alcohol content.

    Singing Shards gin:
    Allowing a subtle citrus flavours to develop, which lead on to juniper before finishing on gentle spice. 40% Alcohol content.

    Rough Seas Ahead:
    A blended whiskey from Middle La Noscea. Smooth start with a hard finish that'll remind you of the merciless ocean from which its brewers took its name from. 43% alcohol content.


    Lakshmi Steamed Buns:
    Rest your weary souls in these sweet steamed buns! They come in sets of two and come with either sweetened pork or buffalo on the inside.

    Fried or steamed wonton wrappers stuffed with either pork or shrimp and cabbage. Served with our house dipping sauce.

    Miso Soup:
    A well seasoned broth with nori and tofu inside.

    O-nigiri (Rice balls):
    Sticky rice encasing teriyaki pork and wrapped partially by nori. Served with house teriyaki sauce for extra flavor.

    Steamed soybeans in the shell sprinkled with salt.


    Susano’s Chaos Appetizer Sampler: A serving of everything on the appetizer menu to share!


    Flour dough, filled with shredded beef or lamb, tossed in a garlic-pepper sauce, and then steamed.

    Flour dough, filled with shredded beef or lamb, cooked with onion and onion, and then boiled. Served with a Sweet dipping sauce.

    Flour dough, filled with shredded beef or lamb, mixed with a secret blend of mild spices and then fried. Topped with a spicey glaze.

    An order of sticky or non sticky rice paired with a side of house teriyaki sauce.

    Steamed veggies:
    Mixed vegetables, lightly seasoned with a house spice blend.


    Fried noodles cooked with guest's choice of Dzo, Buffalo, Fish, or lamb, mixed vegetables, and tossed in a savory sauce.

    Guriltai Shul:
    A hearty soup with meat, vegetables, a well seasoned stock, and fried noodles.

    Budaatai Khuurga:
    Guest's choice of seasoned Dzo, Buffalo, Fish, or Lamb, onions, cabbage, carrots and bell peppers set on top of a bed of spiced rice.

    STEPPE Dishes


    Chanasan Makh:
    Boiled meat, guest's choice of Dzo, Buffalo, fish, or lamb. This dish is served with a curry style sauce.

    Lower fatty back and the tail of mutton or sheep, heavily spiced, and cooked in a steam chamber for three to five hours. Served with a side of grilled vegetables

    Guest's choice of Dzo, Buffalo, or Lamb cooked inside a pot over an open fire with carrots, onions, and potatoes.

    A whole goat or a sheep, cleaned out, seasoned, and then filled with onions, carrots, garlic, and potatoes and fire crystals, so that it is cooked from the inside out.


    Byakko Tiger Sashimi:
    Tuna, snapper, mackerel, eel and salmon sashimi soaked in a plum wine sauce on a platter to share.

    Tsukuyomi Moon Nigiri:
    Six pieces of red snapper fish topped with a dark teriyaki glaze on top of sticky rice.

    Genbu Veggie Roll:
    Cucumber, carrots, and avocado inside rice and then tempura fried for a shelled exterior. Topped with the house special glaze sauce and green onion.

    Suzaku Spicy Temaki:
    Nori wrapped around rice with chili infused tuna inside; served with a side of a cream based sauce to ease the heat.

    Seiryu Eel Roll:
    Spicy peppers and sauced eel inside, wrapped in sticky rice, and sat in a glaze.

    Doman dishes


    Ifrit Spicy Ramen:
    Thin noodles, a boiled egg (halved), a few slices of thin shaved Dodo meat, Shroud green onions, and pepper flakes that give the broth a rich red color and some heat.

    Garuda Yaki Soba:
    Noodles and seasoned chicken, laid in an herbal broth garnished with mint sprigs.

    Titan’s Hot Pot:
    A large pot of miso broth, served with sides of thinly sliced cuts of buffalo, dodo, chicken, and pork meat, and vegetables. To share!

    Ramuh’s Thunder:
    Oddly lavender colored noodles laid on a bamboo dish, sprinkled with a slightly shimmering powder. (pop rocks! :D)

    Levithan’s Lagoon Noodles:
    Thick Udon style noodles in a savory broth. Inside is crab, shrimp, octopus , scallops, mussels, tempura bits, nori and assorted vegetables.


    Flour dough filled with butter and sugar, cooked like a pancake and served with jelly or jam. Toppings of fresh fruit, and chocolate available!

    A Steppe version of butter cookies, and is served with more butter or honey. Made fresh daily!

    Ul Boov:
    A traditional specialty of the Steppe, these cakes are filled with sugar or cream, and pressed with designs.



    Jiggly cheesecake. Order a slice or the whole cake!

    Character cake pops:
    Chocolate, vanilla, or a matcha cake base covered in icing and fondant and shaped into beloved characters and creatures from what may seem like a familiar story!

    Almond cookies:
    Fresh baked from scratch!

    Ramuh’s beard sugar candy:
    16000 strands of hand pulled sugar made to look like the glorious beard of Ramuh!